About Us

Vision and Mission

Royal Material Solutions aims to convert the dreams of our customers into reality with regards to your home. Using our ‘Design – To – Delivery’ concept we bring together a wide variety of Interior materials and finishes to blend and weave your dream to a tangible, elegant and functional product.  We source interior and construction materials from with-in India and from global manufacturers giving our customers a wide variety to choose from. Our Experience Centre provides an ideal platform for our clients to ‘Touch &Experience’ various materials and designs. Partnering with ‘OPPEIN’ a world leader and Asia’s biggest kitchen and Interior manufacturer, we bring to our clients Italian Design, German precision engineering and unmatched Value for Money.

The Visionaries

Mr. Kiran Meda

A civil engineer with an MBA from USA, Mr.Kiran is the Managing Director of Eagleton Golf Resorts and Eagleburg Golf Resort. Eagleton is a Golfing resort with 18 hole championship golf course. He has vast experience in real estate, construction and civil engineering industry.

Suchoy Choudhury

Mr. Suchoy Choudary

A financial expert and a seasoned stock broker, Mr, Suchoy brings his sales and financial back ground to our company.

Mr. Ganesh Subramanian

A mechanical engineer with a Master’s in Engineering Management and Microelectronics from USA. He is the Managing director of General Magnetics, and brings hands on experience in import, technical evaluation of products, design and development and business knowledge to our company.

Ganesh S
Chetan Meda

Mr. Chetan Meda

Mr Chetan is an electronics engineer with experience in sales and networking. He has developed and is successfully running a World Class Golf course. He is also  head of Sales and Marketing of Eagleton Golf Resorts.


Mr. B.S.A Narayan

A pioneer in India for the plumbing technology services, Mr Narayan is the founder and Managing of Director of Maple Consultants, a firm of over 200 engineers specializing in civil, electrical and flow design and offering complete end to end solutions to clients.